Little Old Man Sweater

Materials: 1.8 skeins KnitPicks City Tweed Aran/HW in Romance, a bit more Aran-weight brown cotton yarn, four wooden buttons, cheap felt, and some embroidery floss. Pattern: Baby Sophisticate.

Time: A couple of weeks.

Cost: $18.

Know what a toddler needs?  An old man sweater, obviously.  I sized this pattern up a bit so that it will be large enough to fit next winter — no point risking it being a bit too small, and thus only fitting for the duration of a Texas summer.

It doesn’t get super-cold here in winter, and this is one instance where it may well have been cheaper to make this sweater than to buy one (or at least a sweater in a cozy merino-alpaca blend, like the City Tweed).

To make it more old-man-ish, I added the cheapo felt elbow patches and wooden buttons.  The buttons are spaced kind of wonkily, but who cares?  I am pretty sure that it will still be cute.

4 thoughts on “Little Old Man Sweater

  1. Is it wrong that my first thought was “how totally, utterly adorable” and my second thought was “*I* want an old man sweater!”?

  2. This brings back memories of the sweater you knit for Ella. It was the most precious and treasured piece of clothing that we had for her, can’t wait to se your little person in this!

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