What the Fox Says

Materials: 2/3 of a skein of Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Rhodesian. A small amount of Cascade Yarns Sierra in White.  Size 3 and 5 needles. Pattern: Foxy & Wolfie.

Time: A week or two.

Cost: $11.60


After you’ve been knitting for a good amount of time, you tend to get comfortable.  You have your favorite techniques, favorite types of projects, favorite cast-ons, etc., etc.  So, for a complacent knitter like me, this was a great project to get me just a little bit outside of my comfort zone: I learned a new cast-on!  I learned how to do intarsia in the round!  I learned a nifty new method to do short rows!


Foxy & Wolfie is such an exceedingly clever and elegant little pattern, which is largely knit in all one piece. For a toddler rapidly gaining an interest in fancy accessories like hats and jewelry, it nicely straddles the line between dress-up item and functional cold-weather garment.


(And, in case you’re wondering, yes: he is often asked what does the fox say?)