In For Stormy Weather

My photographic output has gone way, way down over the past couple of years, for obvious reasons: I no longer have the ability to sprint out the door with my camera bag at a moment’s notice when the light’s good, or the inclination to do so when it means disregarding toddler sleep schedules.  Or, let’s be honest, the proclivity to haul my DSLR around along with a changing pad and diapers and snacks and water bottles and whatever else, only to leave it sitting on an unguarded bench at the playground.

Last night, however, the light coming in through the office window was looking oddly pink, so I walked out into the front yard to check it out while Pete was on bath duty.


What you can’t see here are the little bolts of lightning jumping back and forth within the cloud.  There was no thunder, no wind, no rain, no cloud-to-ground lightning — just little flickering intra-cloud bolts.


By the time Theo was in bed, we were in the midst of one of the most weirdly silent thunderstorms that I’ve ever witnessed.  Several of our neighbors were standing outside watching, but going outside during a thunderstorm contradicts my common sense.  So did taking my standard evening shower, thanks to an old episode of Mythbusters.  So we watched the storm cloud pass over through the window in the guest room, lightning bolts zip-zapping back and forth.


Sometimes, the camera-readiness comes to you.  Thanks, nature!

4 thoughts on “In For Stormy Weather

  1. In the last one you can see what look like double exposures of the clouds. That’s because they are. The storm cell was moving fast enough that the when you got two strikes in one exposure the cloud had moved. Still looks awesome.

  2. Weather in Texas is strange and sometimes awesome. It goes well with religious fundamentalism.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! And thanks for the link to that Mythbusters episode – my husband tried to convince me that it was an old wives’ tale very recently, and that he should know because he’s an electrical engineer… I’m emailing him that proof! :)

  4. (I feel obligated to point out, as a follow-up to a chat with my husband, that newer houses have PVC pipes, not metal, so the risk may not exist in those cases.)

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