Halloween 2014: The Winner!

As I’ve previously noted, trying to help my 2.75-year-old wrap his brain around the concept of Halloween costumes was a fun challenge this year.  But, at one point, he finally suggested “a yellow cat,” and I enthusiastically seized upon this suggestion (not least because I got to overdye last year’s costume)!


I also decided to knit yet another beloved Foxy hat in yellow — Malabrigo in Cadmium, for the record — and style it as a kitty face instead of a foxy face, which worked out well both for costume purposes and for bulk-up-the-arsenal-of-winter-knits purposes.  He is amped.


“Now, Theo,” I coached him as we took his costume out on its first spin, “when somebody asks what you’re dressed as, what do you say?”


Just about right.

Sebastian is ready for his beauty shot