Introducing Mr. Wool

Materials: 3.1 skeins Bernat Softee Chunky in Natural; 1 skein Knitpicks Telemark in Black; size 3 and 10.5 needles; the better part of a bag of fiberfill; an impressively decrepit old white t-shirt. Pattern: Bobble Sheep Pillow.

Time: One month

Cost: $15!

Sometimes, when you’ve become entrenched within a crafting community, it’s hard to tell if an item is legitimately cute, or just cute according to the standards of an enthusiast. But I think that the Bobble Sheep Pillow is legitimately cute. And squishable.


“Squishable” really cannot be overemphasized here.


Theo has named him Mr. Wool, and Mr. Wool now occupies the reading chair in the similarly-dubbed Cozy Reading Spot in our den. I realize the irony in knitting a sheep named Mr. Wool out of acrylic yarn, but I was able to get the yarn for this project for $15 from a big box store, while actual wool yarn would’ve been considerably more. Besides, acrylic should hold up better to the cats’ not-so-tender ministrations.


The polyfill on the inside is encased within a decrepit white t-shirt, so it doesn’t sneak through the holes between stitches. The head is also lightly stuffed. The pattern only calls for two legs, but I made four, because this particular sheep pillow obviously strives for strict anatomical verisimilitude.


I could see myself making a companion sheep in a charcoal gray if I got bored enough, but this is a project that took a surprisingly long amount of time until completion. Each bobble puts 15 stitches in the place of one, and that’s time-consuming.


But worth it!