Everything but the Yarn

One of the things I love about knitting is that, once you’ve collected some needles in different sizes and a handful of notions, you can direct your time and money towards yarn.  But I’d been spending too much time over the past few years re-gluing the cables of my KnitPicks interchangeable needle set, and ordered some HiyaHiyas (Sharps, sizes 2-8) as a Christmas present.  They have been lovely to work with — perfectly smooth joins, which rotate! Not to mention adorable little knitting-panda needle stops:


On top of that, the little Hello Kitty pouch that I’ve been using to store my notions since the very early 2000s was bursting at the seams.  (Which still probably makes it one of the longest-lasting items ever purchased from a Sanrio store.)  Most retailers sell big zippered pouches or tin pencil cases for storing knitting miscellanea, but I don’t like having my stuff all jumbled together and accidentally pulling out a snarled handful of stitch markers and tangled embroidery floss when all I want is a pair of scissors.  So, I got this cosmetics travel pouch at Target:


… which has two sections.  The front one opens up wide, and holds big, frequently-accessed items like scissors, pen, and a small ruler:


The back section doesn’t open very wide at all, which is perfect for someone like me who has a horror of showering the most crumby crevices of her couch with safety pins.  There’s a few little pockets on the inside which I use for a tape measure, lip balm, and hand lotion:


… and then tins to organize all of the small stuff:


As an organized person who organizes things, you can only imagine what a frisson of satisfaction this gives me.  (Also, I officially have enough stitch markers to survive the apocalypse.)

A few weeks ago I had to unravel almost an entire sweater, thanks to an overinflated faith in my own gauge and being too lazy to try things on as I make them.  This left me with a football-sized ball of yarn to wrangle.  I’ve never used a yarn bowl or yarn organizer before, but this recent article over at Techknitting does a great job of breaking down all of the options and reasons why you might want something to prevent your yarn from rolling all over the floor, the couch, and your cat(s).  So, I went to Target again, and ended up with this three-piece set of vintagey Pyrex bowls:


… which have pretty lousy reviews on Amazon as, y’know, vessels for food prep, and my set from Target didn’t even come with the advertised lids.  But they’re perfect for taming yarn, and have three sizes to choose from.

Check back in another decade or so to see how I’m arranging my knitting notions for 2026!