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Stranger in the Alps

Materials: 5 skeins Valley Yarns Northampton in Natural, 1 skein in Brown Heather, and 1 skein in Charcoal; sizes 4 and 5 needles. Pattern: The Knitter’s Dude.

Time: Two months, or both seasons of Narcos.

Cost: $40, yarn + pattern.

First, a story: back in grad school, I spent a few years working for one of my advisers.   A notoriously conservative figure within our generally liberal department, he never came to campus dressed in anything less than a three-piece-suit, though I can confirm that, when working in his office, he would hang up the jacket and roll up his shirtsleeves.

And, just before I started working for him, he had discovered The Big Lebowski. “It’s brilliant!” he would chuckle to me. “It’s just like a Raymond Chandler novel!” And, to signal the start of office hours, he would flip the cardboard sign hanging from his doorknob that he’d fashioned out of two bumper stickers from THE DUDE IS NOT IN to THE DUDE ABIDES.

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