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Postcard From Sweden

Materials: Assorted fat quarters and half-yards of various Kona solids, laboriously collected across several online stores. Pattern: Postcard from Sweden.

Time: Seasons 1 and 2 of Gilmore Girls — a show that plays particularly well while quilting because as long as you can hear the dialogue, the visuals aren’t essential.

Cost: Around $100 in fabric, cotton batting, and thread, with almost enough fabric left over to make a second quilt top.

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Den Rehab

Materials: Paint and painting supplies, caulking, a bunch of new electrical outlets and faceplates, utility knife and a bunch of blades, excess trash stickers (though the trash guy gave Pete a lecture on how they’re not supposed to accept bagged carpet, then took it anyway — good to know, I guess?), spray foam, pre-mixed patch and level, soft neoprene knee pads, a ton of snap-together vinyl plank flooring, a rubber mallet, tapping block, pull bar, and spacers, baseboard trim and quarter rounds, and fancy new LED ceiling lights because while we’re at it, why the hell not.  Then, ceiling fan braces for the lights, because it was the best possible kludgey solution to placing a flush mount light over a can light receptacle.  New MDF baseboards and quarter rounds, a rental finish nail gun, and a can of our trusty trim paint.

Time: Like a month, on and off, because we both managed to forget about Pete also having a “job” where he has to go to “work.”

Cost: UGH. $150 for the lights, $150 for trim, $80 for paint and paint supplies, $50 for the nail gun rental and associated supplies, and *mumbledymumbledymumble* for 323 square feet worth of flooring. (“It’s just one room!” we said. Well, it’s a lot of room.)

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Refinishing Our Hardwoods: A Novel

Materials: Four types of sanders, ear protection, eye protection, ventilators, gloves, knee pads, brushes, lambwool stain applicators, sandpaper, nail puller, tack cloth, a vacuum, plastic sheeting, painter’s tape, sundry lint-free microfiber cloths, 1.5 gallons oil-based polyurethane, considerably less than 1 gallon of wood stain, mineral spirits, lots of drinking water, and almost an entire drawer full of clean socks, two of which were sacrificed to The Cause.  Nail polish, because the mineral spirits will reduce whatever is currently on your nails into a goopy mess.

Time: A little over two weeks, most of which was spent curing.

Cost: Around $300 for supplies and equipment rentals.

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